The core of our business is the blend of 3 key components:
Industrial Design Excellence
Design For Manufacture Expertise
3D CAD Proficiency

Our focus is to constantly bridge the gap between ID and Engineering by taking a comprehensive approach to product development. The most true form of design excellence will always meld the often conflicting constraints of mechanical, aesthetics and manufacturing.

Breadth of Experience – Our niche is design for plastics. This opens the door to a very broad field of experience and gives us limitless potential for success in varied markets.

We have designed a variety of products in very diverse
markets. Examples of some of our work include:

Handheld Electronics
Medical Equipment
Sporting Goods
Golf Products
Signage Systems
Lighting Systems
Bike Products
Personal Care Products
Hand Tools
Home Appliances
Heavy Equipment Interiors
Tradeshow Display Prod.
Boating Products
Juvenile Products
Cleaning Tools
Telcom Equipment
Solar Products
Personal Watercraft Dock
Portable Display Systems
ATM Interface
ATM Surrounds
Voting Equipment
Desktop UPS Systems
Rack Mount Equip. Bezels
Utility Carts
Barricade Systems
Military Cases
Insect Detection Systems
Recycling Carts
Forklift Accessory
String Trimmer
Vacuum Cleaner
Emergency Pedestals
Lobby Dustpan

Outdoor Storage Units
Rainwater Collection Sys.
Endoscopic Instruments
Endoscopic Sterilizer
Dental chair
Wound Treatment System
Insulin syringe
Server Bezels
Dock Locker
Air Purification Systems
Kayak Seat
Camp Stool
Personal Security Device
LED Lighting System
MRI Enclosure